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Essex County Council - Provider Hub
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Essex county is divided in 12 districts, Colchester has the largest population of 203,000 people which equates to 13.3% of total Essex population, followed by Basildon at 12.5% and Chelmsford 12%.

Maldon has the lowest overall population rate, but their older population is the second highest with 26.5% with 17,700 people. Tendring’s older people population is the largest being 30.3% with 46,300 people.

The female population of Essex is 765,400 (51%) - out of these there are 58% aged 18-64, and 23% aged 65+.

The male population is 732,300 (49%) in total, and we have more men in the 18-64 age group (59%) but less men aged 65+ (20%).

The graph below showing the split of male and female population by district level. We can see that the biggest gap in the 65+ age group is in Tendring and Castle Point.

The below map is showing the district breakdown of total number of people all ages receiving care services funded by Essex.

This is how much of the whole Essex population we provide support to:

  • 90+: 16% of the population
  • 85-89: 8% of the population
  • 75-84: 3% of the population
  • 65-74: 1.1% of the population
  • Other: <1% of the population

The graph showing numbers of people receiving services in age group split by districts.

We can see that West Essex has a particularly low volume of younger adults being supported, and we see the spike in central and North-East Essex for younger cohort.

For people aged 65+ North Essex is as expected, but there is a particular spike in Basildon in older people support.

Tendring is showing to be a focus for supporting people aged 85+, and Harlow and Castle Point are seeing a disproportionately higher number of adults being supported in this age group.

In July 2022 the health and social care sectors changed structure and we saw the introduction of Integrated Care Systems (ICS), this replacing the the old Clinical Commissioning Groups.

ICSs are partnerships that bring together NHS organisations, local authorities and others to take collective responsibility for planning services, improving health and reducing inequalities across geographical areas.

In Essex we are part of three ICS:

  1. NHS Suffolk and North East Essex
  2. NHS Mid and South Essex
  3. NHS Hertfordshire and West Essex

ICSs are made of two key components:

  • Integrated Care Boards (ICBs)
  • Integrated Care Partnerships (ICPs)

Below map showing the three ICS that Essex belongs to:

ICS Map 3


Last updated: 31/03/2024