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Essex County Council has spent approximately £615m in the 2022/23 financial year on adult care services. It should be noted that a proportion of this spend will be with providers who do not have a base within the administrative area of Essex.

Detailed below is the Adult Social Care Spend within each market for 2022/23. The residential figures below include nursing spend of £30.1m for Older People, £4.3m for Adults with Disabilities and £800,000 for Mental Health.

Residential Markets
Market Spend per annum 2022/23 £m
Older People 146.4
Working Aged 96.4
Mental Health 8.5
Supported Living 101.4
Extra Care 1.2


Community Markets
Market Spend per annum 2022/23 £m
Equipment Services 9.9
Reablement Services 34.3
Domiciliary Care 109.7
Day Opportunities 19.4
Direct Payments 57.9


Last updated: 30/09/2023