Reminder: Urgent Community Response Team (Mid & South Essex)

The UCRT service supports hospital admission avoidance across Mid and South Essex. Follow the link for more information.

International Recruitment: one-to-one session following webinar attendance

For providers who attended the five International Recruitment Webinars and have specific questions, can book one-to-one 30 minute on-line slots with BA Healthcare.  

Cost of Living Support

Essex County Council - Provider Hub
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Having invested time and energy in ensuring that people you provide input with are appropriately supported to age well and your staff team, are fully equipped to make this happen, make sure that you keep sufficient records of how you made and continue to make that happen.

Again, utilise the review checklist to help with this as the standards for accreditation will directly reference the documents contained within this.

When you put your organisation forward to be promoted as one of the best Providers in this area of expertise, you will be asked to provide evidence of this so be ready, not just with facts and figures of how many staff have received training but also how you can show this has positively impacted on the lives of those you support.

Last updated: 15/06/2022