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Looking ahead

We will develop delivery plans for the next 5 years to see the outcomes by:

  • Making sure we communicate our plans widely across the sector
  • Sharing our data and insight with health partners to promote joint commissioning approaches
  • Regular monitoring of the projects to see how the work is progressing
  • Gathering insight from workforce and people using the services
  • Being transparent about the evaluations of the actions

Current activities

Progress towards

  • Employee Assistance Programme
  • Here For You service
  • Essex Wellbeing service
  • Self-care and recovery and end of life care emotional support sessions for care staff
Promote care
  • Your Career Matters campaign (CoE)
  • PR activity
  • Case studies
  • Care ambassadors (schools/colleges and jobs fairs)
  • Volunteers
  • International Recruitment
  • Recruitment Service (CoE)
  • Your Career Matters campaign (CoE)
  • Recruitment Tips
  • Apprenticeships
  • Over 55s / retirees for part time domiciliary roles 
  • Attract those with disabilities and from disadvantaged backgrounds, and more males.
  • Centre of Excellence
  • Your Career Matters campaign (CoE)
  • Technology & Digital training schemes
  • Flexible working hours
Health integration
  • ICB board attendance
  • Dementia programme
  • Shadowing, work placements, options for joint recruitment
  • Health training opportunities
  • Pathways of integration
  • Your Career Matters campaign (CoE)
  • Leadership training
  • Clear career progression
  • Blended roles
Skills and training
  • Nightingale (CoE)
  • Quality Team initiatives
  • Economies of scale procurement of training
  • Complex needs support (for example dementia / disabilities / those with multiple needs)
  • Support delivery of Oliver McGowan training
  • Training opportunities for unpaid carers and PAs
Pay, rewards and conditions
  • Care Worker Charter (CoE)
  • Employee Assistance Programme
  • Essex wage
  • Housing – home sharing schemes
  • Lone worker safety
  • Transport schemes

CoE - refers to activity under the Centre of Excellence which launches 2024

We know that we cannot achieve everything that we want to, but below is a delivery plan that enables us to see the progress we can make by the end of year 1, year 3 and year 5.



End of year 1 (2023/24)

End of year 3 (2025/26)

End of year 5 (2027/28)


Recruitment Service

End of funded service

Paid-for service or no service


Care Ambassadors

Recruitment of Ambassadors

Ambassador network established

Regionally / nationally recognised


International / Refugee Recruitment

Regional project delivering activity using DHSC funds

Normal recruitment routes for providers


Essex Care Worker Conditions of Employment / wellbeing

If approved, Charter to be agreed and begin to embed in care contracts

Charter fully established in contracts (if approved)


Centre of Excellence for Care

Launch date TBC

Fully established


Quarterly Client Level Data submissions DHSC

Complying with national requirement

Complying with requirement

Complying with requirement


Transport Support Schemes

Research stage

TBC following research


Communications hub

Research stage

TBC following research



Development of volunteer networks TBC

Established volunteer network


Attract more males & over 55s / retirees

Research stage

TBC following research


Shadowing/work placements

Development of programme

Established programme countywide


Economies of scale procurement

Research stage

TBC following research


Housing - Home sharing schemes

Research stage

TBC following research


Lone worker safety

Research stage

TBC following research


Supporting complex needs – working alongside other ECC strategies to ensure staff working with people with complex needs (for example dementia, disabilities or mental health) receive appropriate training. This includes, but not limited to:

  • Oliver McGowan training
  • Managing difficult behaviours
  • Communication skills
  • Managing multiple needs
  • Intermediate care / Reablement needs




Training opportunities for unpaid carers / Personal Assistants (PAs)



Last updated: 16/05/2024