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The ECC TOMs Calculator is an automated tool that displays the aggregate social value contained within the bids submitted for Essex County Council tenders. The initiatives included in the ECCTOMs reflects the council's priorities and aligns with 'Everyone's Essex' Corporate Strategy at Essex County Council. This spreadsheet simplifies the evaluation process and allows evaluators to see the quantity of social value offer proposed by potential contractors.

When filling in the ECCTOMs calculator, bidders can choose 1 or more measures which best fit their organization's priorities. Enter your offer in the green cells named "Units Offers", and double check the offer description is by weeks, hours or £ pounds and enter your offer accordingly.


The Supporting Statement is a written narrative produced by you, explaining what actions you will be taking, to successfully deliver the  commitments you entered in the ECCTOMs Calculator. This crucial document showcase your detailed plan and allows evaluators to see the quality of social value offer proposed by potential contractors.


ECC TOMs Social Value Calculator v.12

ECC TOMs Social Value Calculator for Construction v.12


ECC TOMS Social Value Calculator

Social Value commitments entered into the Calculator will form part of the contract, with the winning bidder’s Calculator and Social Value Supporting Statement to form the Social Value Plan, which will be monitored as a Performance Measure. See below picture for brief explanation:

Bidders do not need to make an offer against all the measures set out in the ECCTOMs Calculator.

When completing the ECC TOMs Calculator, bidders must adhere to the following:

  1. Bidders must complete cell I5 (Bidder Name).
  2. Enter values only in the green cells. Calculations will be made automatically 
  3. Read each ‘Measure’ description carefully. Refer to ‘Definitions and Guidance’ tab, at the bottom of the page, to further understanding or raise any clarification questions via the messaging facility within the e-sourcing portal (ProContract).
  4. Double check 'Unit' description carefully.  Ensure you are entering the correct amount. For example: some units can be number of weeks of training, not the number of people to be trained. 
  5. Do Not double count (with the exception of ECC1 where included). Individual commitment must only be entered against one measure in the Calculator. For example: local spend on SMEs (ECC12) cannot also be recorded under local suppliers spend (ECC11). In addition, bidders must not include offers in measures that will be delivered as part of the core work compliance with Schedule 1 - Part 1 Services Specification.
  6. Include only Social Value that will have a LOCAL impact within Essex. Essex County Council boundaries are defined by Essex Highways Interactive Map – Essex Open Data. Any Social Value offer outside the “local” area will not be evaluated and will be excluded.
  7. Ensure that Social Value commitments are specific to the contract's scope. Avoid including broader corporate social responsibility initiatives not related to the contract. 
  8. Partial contributions must be identified – where only a percentage of the benefit will be received through this contract, only a percentage, expressed as a decimal, of the value should be entered .  A brief explanations should be included in the ‘Comments’ of the Calculator. For example, where a member of staff will work on this contract for 50% of their time, only 0.5 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) can be applied.
  9. Comments entered in column L are for information only, and will not be included in the evaluation of the Supporting Statement. 
  10. Enter 'Yes' or 'No' in 'Community Exchange'. Entering 'Yes', will enable you to take part in the Community Exchange (a virtual 'noticeboard'), where your Social Value 'Units Offered' and organisation's name will be published.  


Please note

  • Failure to deliver the Social Value commitments in the tender will be treated as poor performance of the requirements in the contract and will be subject to an Action Plan to ensure delivery is rectified.
  • When entering the units, the calculations will be updated automatically in ‘Total value’ (column J) and in turn the ‘Total Social Value Bid’ in cell [J39] using the following formula: Units offered x Proxy value  =Total value  and Total Social Value Bid = ∑ column J ‘Total value’. 

The Social Value Target, set by Essex County Council, is to achieve £0.25p for £1 

In order to quantify the social impact of the bids in monetary terms and select the bid that offers the best value in both, cost and social benefit, the Council apply a calculating formula, to find out the Social Value Ratio, which shows the bidder's Social Value offered, in comparison to the bidder's proposed price in their Commercial Response.

Total Social Value Bid ÷ Bidder's Tendered Price =  Social Value Ratio

The Total Social Value Bid is at the end of the ECC TOMs Calculator page, and it calculates and updates automatically when entering values

The Social Value Ratio is then compared to the table below to assign a Value Score. 


The picture below is an example of scoring Social Value, provided as illustration only: 


Supporting Statement

To demonstrate how their proposal will deliver social value, bidders must produce and submit a Social Value 'Supporting Statement' and upload it to the online platform (ProContract). The Supporting Statement will be part of the contract and together with the Bidder’s Calculator will became the Social Value Plan which is included as a Management Indicator.

Bidders must submit a distinct Supporting Statement for each lot they are bidding for, reflecting the specific commitments they are making for each lot and it must relate to the Calculator submission. Bidders cannot reuse the same supporting statement for multiple lots. Bidder must:

  1. Submit an implementation plan, outlining for each measure, elements such as: preparation, and development required; a phased delivery, milestones and deliverables.
  2. Provide a clear description for each Measure, where Units are committed, including relevant evidence regarding competence, capacity, and ability to deliver: 
        • Why you are choosing the Measure(s) and units offered
        • How the Measure will be delivered within Essex (any Social Value offer that does not provide benefits to the “local” area will be excluded)
        • How the successful Bidder will monitor and assure the quality and delivery of the commitment, and its impacts


Please note: each response is to be submitted, in full, with the following criteria: 

  • use A4 format using Arial font size 11
  • contain no more than the stated page limit excluding the cover page
  • the cover page must show: the title i.e., Social Value Supporting Statement, the name and logo (or identifying mark) of the Bidder, and the date of the document
  • Bidders should submit each response by attaching to the appropriate question in the e-sourcing portal (ProContract)


How the Supporting Statement is Evaluated

The Supporting Statement shall be scored according to Evaluation Table SV2 below to derive the Supporting Statement Score:

Table SV2: Social Value Supporting Statement Evaluation

It is important to note that Social Value commitments form part of the contract, with the winning bidder’s ECC TOM’s Calculator and Supporting Statement included in Performance Monitoring. Bidders should consider the ability to measure and report on the commitments before submitting a bid. Non-delivery of the Social Value commitments in the tender will be treated as non-performance of the requirements in the contract.

Winning bidder(s) will be expected to complete the ECC Social Value Quarterly Reporting - Delivery survey to report periodically on progress towards fulfilling the contracted Social Value commitments. The Reporting Schedule aligns to the contracted Performance Monitoring requirements.

The first survey report will be due on the date of the next scheduled reporting period shown in the Social Value Reporting Schedule after contract commencement.

Social Value Quarterly Reporting Survey link

The ECC Social Value Quarterly Reporting - Delivery survey replicates the ECC TOMs Calculator, and suppliers must enter the social value delivered during the latest three-month period against each Measure to which they have made a commitment in their contract.



If you have any questions about ECC social value approach or if you need information on this website in a different format, please email social.value@essex.gov.uk 

Last updated: 19/03/2024