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Exploring Themes and Outcomes


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Please note bidders are not obligated to commit to every single measure listed in the ECC TOMs Calculator. Instead, they should focus on those commitments that align closely with their organisation's capabilities and strategic objectives.

Choose from the following Outcomes

Reducing barriers to employment for disadvantaged groups 

ECC3a - Hired or retained armed forces veterans in Essex

ECC4 - Support or hired local people who are unemployed, or who are not in education, or training 

ECC5 - Hired local people who are rehabilitating young offenders in Essex

ECC6 - Jobs created for local people with disabilities in Essex

ECC7 - Hired local young people who are care leavers in Essex

ECC9 - Offering training opportunities (BTEC, City & Guilds, NVQ, HNC) in Essex

ECC10 - Offering apprenticeships in Essex

ECC31a - Offering digital skills training to disadvantaged people in Essex

ECC41 - Specific initiatives for members of an ethnic minority group in Essex

Case Studies

ECC16: Support young people, under 24 years old, into work (e.g. CV advice, mock interviews, careers guidance)

ECC17: Meaningful work placements or pre-employment course; from 1 to 9 weeks unpaid student placements (e.g. T-Level unpaid work experience, work experience for students)

ECC18 : Meaningful work placements that pay Minimum or National Living wage according to eligibility - 6 weeks or more (internships) 

ECC19: Local school and college visits supporting pupils e.g. delivering career talks, curriculum support, literacy support, safety talks

Case Studies


All enterprises; including community voluntary services, social enterprises, micro, small and medium organisations in Essex.

ECC11:Total amount (£) spent in local supply chain through the contract

ECC12 :Total amount (£) spent through the contract with local SMEs or CVSEs

ECC30: Voluntary hours donated to support local charities (excludes expert business advice)

ECC38: Total amount (£) spent with VCSEs within your supply chain

ECC39: Provision of expert business advice to VCSEs and SMEs (financial advice, legal advice, HR advice / HSE)

ECC48: Initiatives taken throughout the local and global supply chain to strengthen the identification, monitoring and reduction of risks of modern slavery and unethical work practices occurring in relation to the contract.


Case Studies:

ENS Recruitment Ltd is an Essex-based organisation which provides domiciliary care to Essex residents. ENS Recruitment staff members partnered with Age Concern to volunteer at local charity premises, and provide weekly support to senior adults to feel confident when using digital devises.

Reducing greenhouse gases, reducing waste; and strengthening climate resilience

ECC26a:Total volume of reduced plastics against a relevant benchmark

ECC49: Reduce waste through reuse of products and materials

ECC47: Hard to recycle waste diverted from landfill or incineration through specific recycling partnerships (e.g. Terracycle or equivalent)

ECC45: Activities to influence staff, suppliers, customers and communities to support environmental protection and improvement

ECC46: Support provided internally and to MSMEs and VCSEs within the supply chain to adopt Circular Economy solutions - business case and leadership for circular economy

ECC50: Support for suppliers to demonstrate climate change and carbon reduction training for all staff - e.g. SDGs Academy courses, Supply Chain Sustainability School bronze or higher or equivalent

ECC23a:Car miles saved on the project as a result of a green transport programme or equivalent (e.g. cycle to work programmes, public transport or car pooling programmes, etc.) 

ECC21: Savings in CO2e emissions on contract achieved through de-carbonisation (i.e. a reduction of the carbon intensity of processes and operations, specify how these are to be achieved) against a specific benchmark

ECC51: Fleet emissions monitoring programme on the contract, including data collection (miles, type of vehicle, engine type, emission standard)


Case Studies:

Birch Airfield Composting Services Ltdis an Essex-based Bio-Waste Treatment. Birch Airfield Composting services partner with Helena Hospice in North East Essex to collect and composts Christmas trees for free, generating donations for the charity. 


  • The Essex Climate Action Commission has put together a Business Advice Pack that has been specifically developed to help small and medium-sized businesses across Essex access the most relevant information in relation to climate change and sustainability, with tips and ideas throughout to help your business to thrive whilst keeping its impact on the environment low. 
  • Laptop Recycling Scheme (PDF, 129KB): A scheme in which used and old laptops are recycled and donated to young people within Essex so they are able to utilise the technology. 
  • Library of Things: find out at how to support communities through this Circular Economy initiative.


UK Example

Find here cases studies from small businesses who implemented environmental practices with assistance provided by the Steps To Environmental Management for businesses (STEM) initiative: Premaberg

Suppliers, partners and community organisations working together to tackle: poor housing, poverty, economic insecurity and low skills

ECC32: In-kind contributions to local community projects (materials)

ECC33: Volunteering time provided to support local community projects

ECC34: Support provided to help local community draw up their own Community Charter or Stakeholder Plan

ECC40: Equipment or resources donated to VCSEs (£ equivalent value)

ECC14: Initiatives taken or supported to engage people from Essex communities in health interventions (e.g. stop smoking, obesity, alcoholism, drugs, etc.) or wellbeing initiatives focused on physical activities for adults and children (excluding mental health) 

ECC15: Initiatives taken or supported to engage people from Essex communities in health interventions or wellbeing initiatives focused on mental health for adults and children 

ECC20: Initiatives to be taken to support older, disabled and vulnerable people to build stronger community networks (e.g. befriending schemes, digital inclusion clubs)

ECC27a: Employees on the contract that have been provided access for at least 12 months to comprehensive and multidimensional wellbeing programmes

ECC13 : Initiatives to be taken to tackle homelessness (supporting temporary housing schemes, etc) 

ECC28 : Equality, diversity and inclusion training provided for contractors and subcontractors

Addressing key issues such as violence and vulnerability, and safety for woman and girls

ECC29 : Initiatives aimed at reducing crime (e.g. support for local youth groups, lighting for public spaces, private security, etc.)

If you have any questions about ECC social value approach or if you need information on this website in a different format, please email social.value@essex.gov.uk .

Last updated: 01/05/2024