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Essex County Council - Provider Hub
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More information about finance in the Shared Lives scheme:

    • The person will pay their rent, utilities and food directly to you from their benefits
    • The scheme will pay you a fee for the care and support you offer to the person. This is solely for you as a Shared Lives host.
    • The person will receive their benefits directly into their bank account and can be assisted to manage these by the Shared Lives Officer or Social Worker. This includes Disability Living Allowance (DLA)/ Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
    • The person will be responsible for buying any personal possessions such as clothing, electronic equipment and holidays from their money
    • The overall income for the placement may be different if compared to Foster Care. However, as the person will hold their money, the Shared Lives host will receive less but will not be responsible for the client’s personal expenditure
    • Shared Lives hosts are classed as self-employed and are entitled to tax concessions. This is currently £250 p/w per person using Shared Lives plus £10,000 totalling £23,000. This may change so seek advice from your Shared Lives Officer.
    • Shared Lives Hosts are not entitled to Carers Allowance for the person staying with them and are unlikely to be entitled to any means tested state benefits
    • Shared Lives hosts are required to keep records of finances, medication and key incidents and present them when requested
Last updated: 01/02/2022