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Essex County Council - Provider Hub
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Market Context

Care technology (TEC) is a broad term that includes assistive technology, telecare and other types of technology connected to promoting health, wellbeing and independence. TEC can be provided to an adult within any of the market cohorts.

There are four main categories:

  1. Telecare.
  2. Assistive Technology.
  3. Remote Monitoring and Virtual Solutions.
  4. Apps for mobile devices.
  5. Equipment can be purchased privately or through ECC.

Examples of TEC include:

  • digital assistants - Google Home and Amazon Echo.
  • supporting people to stay safe - wearable alarms, video doorbells.
  • and supporting people to stay in touch.
  • Essex County Council currently has a contract with Millbrook, who provide any TEC equipment, and Provide CIC who provide the monitoring and support service. Currently, it is not possible for new entrants to the market to access the contracts.

Market Rating

Millbrook are continuing to explore suitable technology for Essex residents and have numerous companies supplying similar kit to ensure continuity and supply of Digital Technology. This is evident from their recruitment to new posts such as Head of TEC and TEC Clinical Lead.

Essex County Council have recruited to new posts to enhance TEC engagement with partners across Localities and explore further opportunities for test and learns.

Specials are continually reviewed to allow regularly ordered stock to become business as usual items on the catalogue.

Attendance to market events locally and nationally is taking place to evolve market maturity.

Market Quality Market Supply ECC Demand
Not Assessed Low Very High
Not Assessed
ECC Ambition Market Workforce Market Maturity
Increase Supply Moderate Evolving

ECC rating of the market, assessed 31st March 2024.

A 4-year framework agreement for the provision of Countywide Care Technology was established with Millbrook and Provide CIC, in March 2021 on 1st July 2021. This contract is due to expire in June 2024 but has an option for extension to June 2028.

The contract provides the end-to-end Care Technology offer which includes the provision, maintenance, decommissioning and recycling of technology but also includes innovation and test and learns. The contract also includes a monitoring and response service which is linked to all Care Technology including Carelines and is aimed at preventing crisis through monitoring Service Users' “normal”.

Essex Market  
Spend Approx. £5 Million for 2023/24
No. Providers 2
No. Adults >500 Referrals p/month
Contract value Approx. £32.2 Million over 4 years
Core Service Partners 3

The information shown in the table(s) above is correct as of 31st March 2024.

An original 4-year framework agreement for the provision of Countywide Care Technology was established with Millbrook and Provide CIC in March 2021 and due to expire in March 2024. From this framework, a Call-Off contract was issues on 1st June 2021 and is due to expire in June 2024 but had an option for extension to June 2028.

A further 4-year Call-Off contract has been issues so will run until 14th March 2028.

  • Our ambition is for Care Technology to be part of every conversation across Social Care.
  • We have a culture change and programme plan in place to get to this position within our contract-term.

Due to Covid 19, we have seen an increase of residents’ engagement with technology.

Current market risks:

  • Risks of increased costs, due to supply chains and the impact of focused component shortages.
  • Risks of delayed hospital discharges or community referrals due to lack of suitable Care Technology to support discharge and recovery.
  • The move from analogue to digital technology presents potential shortages of Care Technology.

Our current area of focus is:

  • ECC working collaboratively with health partners to access opportunities from the Care Technology contract.
  • Adult Social Care to explore opportunities for Children’s Services to access opportunities from the Care Technology contract.
  • Source alternative suppliers to mitigate reliance on specific product ranges.
  • Innovation to support sustainable growth.
  • Explore opportunities for gain share within the domiciliary care market.
  • Using data from Care Technology to explore predictive analytics with partners.
  • Develop Care Technology offer across Housing.
  • Enable Care Homes to access the provider support with Care Technology.
Last updated: 31/03/2024