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Market Context

The Council provides social care support and services for adults with a physical impairment who are predominantly aged 18 - 65, however some people may be over 65. Some people with a physical impairment may also have a sensory impairment or dementia.

Adults in this cohort are likely to require longer term support depending on their circumstances and needs. Short term respite services can be provided to the unpaid carers due to the long term nature of the impairments. Carers have given feedback to the Council that it can be difficult to accommodate planned respite breaks far in advance, it is considerably easier to plan more immediate respite care.

Community and accommodation based services are commissioned by the Council. Specific and framework contracts are in place for this cohort, some of which allow for providers to enter the market at set periods. For more information refer to the following services/contracts:

An adult in receipt of certain services, either through a managed service on one of the Council's contracts, or by using self-directed support via a direct payment for example, may have completed a financial assessment. 

  • There is a lack of specialist providers in the market who can address complex needs that people with a PI have (mental health/ behavioural issues, complex neurological/ acquired brain injury and other physical health conditions, etc)
  • Increasing numbers of people with PI in inappropriate accommodation settings due to a lack of appropriate accommodation solutions i.e. supported living

The current COVID impact highlighted is:

  • Easing of physical restrictions with Covid-19 has continued to help restore regular services for people with physical impairment.

Current market risks:

  • Lack of interest from the market for adults with a PI having complex needs on unmet need list. Over the last year training has been offered for PI providers to upskill the provider market which will empower an increased number of providers being able to address specific needs for this cohort. Improved uptake of this training by providers will assist to improve and assess positive outcomes, this training is still available.
  • Lack of appropriate supported accommodation solutions for people with physical impairments. Within the last year, a specific accommodation strategy for people with Physical impairment has been developed which has brought focus to address specific accommodation needs for people with PI.

Our current area of focus is:

  • Upskilling provider workforce by targeted training with a view to reducing the number of people with complex needs on the unmet need list
  • Work on actions/ recommendations from the deep dive case review to address and improve outcomes for people with a PI
  • Liaise with accommodation providers and health partners to shape our offer for accommodation and rehab solutions for people with a PI
  •  Working across health and voluntary sector to assess the need for a case for change for people with cognitive impairment with an aim to develop Cognitive Care provision through a collaborative venture.
Last updated: 30/05/2023