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Live at Home Uplifts

With effect from 31st March 2024, the following rate changes apply:

  • The new minimum rate for all care packages on the Live at Home (LAH) framework and spot purchased provision is £23.84 (excluding night sleeping and 24- hour care services)
  • The price points for personal care on the LAH framework range from £23.84 to £27.24 (£28.44 in Epping)
  • Existing care packages commissioned through the LAH framework have been increased by £1.52 per hour
  • Packages not provided under the LAH framework (spot purchased provision) have been uplifted to the new minimum rate of £23.84 per hour if they were lower than that

Previous Uplift Statements

We wrote to you recently to make you aware of the cabinet decision regarding the Live at Home price refresh.  The recommendations have been approved by Cabinet (subject to the governance call-in process). A summary of the recommendations is as follows:

  • We will commence a LAH framework price refresh around the beginning of March to enable providers currently on the framework to submit new prices. The new price points for personal care will range from £22.32 to £25.72 (£26.92 in Epping).  The Target Supply Area (TSA) rate options will be £0, £2.00 and £4.00 and the list of TSA wards has been amended. This represents an increase of 11.8%-14.6% to rates. Rates for new packages will be back dated to 2nd April 2023.  We will not be opening the Live at Home Framework to new providers, however we will be undertaking a Tier 1 refresh for the OP ranked lists in all districts.
  • With effect from 2 April 2023, we will uplift existing domiciliary care packages (excluding night sleep and 24 hour live-in care) so that:
  1. Packages provided under the LAH framework are increased by £2.84 per hour (this consists of the £1.12 per hour temporary uplift applied in October 2022 now being made permanent plus a further £1.72)
  2. LAH spot packages will be uplifted to £22.32 per hour if they are currently less than that

From 12 August 2021 the new minimum rate for all packages on the Live at Home framework and Live at Home spot contracts is £18.04 per hour with the exception of 24 hr live-in care, night sleeping services, Supported Living services and Extra Care from the commencement of the new framework. The minimum rate for 24 hr live-in care and night sleeping services is £11.76 per hour.

If you believe you are delivering domiciliary care at a rate below the minimum then please contact us at Procurement.Adults@essex.gov.uk giving the package details and the Procurement Team will investigate.

Please find attached a letter detailing the Fair cost of care grant funding and rate uplift for domiciliary care providers effective from 30th October 2022.

Last updated: 26/04/2024