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Employee Assistance Programme

Essex County Council - Provider Hub
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Theme Strategic Actions

Workforce recruitment & retention

  1. Improve access to pipeline of new workers incl. links with school/colleges and international recruitment
  2. Improve access to training and development opportunities for care workers
  3. Improve access to better pay terms and conditions and access to other benefits (e.g. rewards, discounts)
  4. Improve support offer for our voluntary and unpaid carers and PAs
  5. Develop joint workforce plans with health

Capacity & demand management

  1. Commission new integrated intermediate care services, alongside the NHS, that promote recovery and reduce avoidable ongoing care needs 
  2. Develop support and investment  to increase Supported Living, Extra Care and domiciliary care capacity
  3. Work with ASC sector and NHS to facilitate and incentivise 7-day approach to discharge
  4. Improve ECC systems to capture market data to enable better matching of supply and demand. 
  5. Develop improved Early Help offer, working with NHS, district councils and voluntary and community sector

Putting lived experience at the centre

  1. Improve Information, Advice and Guidance and use a simple language that people understand
  2. Improve process for capturing lived experience on a systematic basis – via ECC and via providers
  3. Embed Co-Production and co-design with adults to inform commissioning of services
  4. Develop and grow the PA market and community micro-enterprises
  5. Improve ability for people to self-serve and to control their care and records

Delivering good quality service

  1. Promote collaboration between providers to support quality and resilience (multi-academy trust model)
  2. Use our commissioning frameworks to incentivise and reward quality and the delivery of outcomes 
  3. Local commissioning plans and joint working with voluntary and community sector
  4. Focus ECC traded company on supporting critical statutory duties, innovation or risk of failure 

Technology capability

  1. Expand and grow care technology service, especially to support working age adults and Older People
  2. Roll-out digital care records across care sector, with ability for adults to access and own their own record
  3. Enhance ECC digital offer to enable people to self-serve and source their own care
  4. Improve ECC data capture and processes for sourcing care 

Promoting financial sustainability

  1. Move towards paying Fair Cost of Care rates over next 2 years subject to available funding
  2. Fee uplifts to be directed at framework and strategic suppliers
  3. Develop ECC support offer to providers to support with their procurement, training and energy costs  
Last updated: 28/03/2023