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Employee Assistance Programme

Essex County Council - Provider Hub
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For the adults and carers that need care and support, we want to:

  • improve and maintain their quality of life, and ensure they have a positive experience of care and support
  • ensure they have a personalised approach to their care and support, and have choice and control over the services they receive
  • support the use of our community-based offer, offering adults, carers and families to use services in their community 
  • improve service delivery models for pathways and integration which focuses on prevention and hospital avoidance
  • ensure they are supported to be as independent as possible, and to remain in a safe place within their community for as long as possible​
  • support positive risk taking, whilst ensuring they are kept safe from harm, neglect or abuse
  • promote support to carers by ensuring included in all pathways, and offer digital solution towards an overall family wellbeing


For the Essex care market, we want to:

  • ensure Essex has a sustainable and vibrant market that is affordable and delivers good quality care for the residents of Essex
  • ensure quality and choice in each part of the county
  • ensure the care market has access to a skilled and valued workforce and is a sector that people want to choose to work in
  • attain equality of market capacity with anticipated demand across the segments of the market
  • ensure there is appropriate supply to meet existing and future demand for social care
  • incentivise flexible approaches in delivering an outcome focused service that promotes independence, prevention and early intervention.
  • ensure we can secure continuity of provision in the event of provider failure or breakdown of services
  • improve collaborative working between care providers, and with Health and Housing partners, to identify opportunities to improve the delivery of services
  • improve our localised community offer that incorporates our 3rd sectors, to optimise local services and networks for adults
Last updated: 28/03/2023