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Employee Assistance Programme

Essex County Council - Provider Hub
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What people tell us

Adults and their families tell us that understanding and finding their way around the care market can be difficult.  They want to be listened to and given the opportunity to express their desired support, as part of a team effort.  People tell us there is a lack of awareness around people with specialist needs and those living with disabilities. Most importantly people did not say they want the traditional care services that we so often focus on but want to be as independent as possible and have opportunities to enjoy a meaningful and full life.

This picture is a visual representation of the key concerns people have when navigating through Adult Social Care Services. 

Adults and Carers with lived experience quotes

“People just don't understand that some people don't know what is available. They think you are just going to know. I am someone who has never been to social care, so I did not know what was available.”

“More information, perhaps a key worker to co-ordinate things. There are too many people involved and so many people are telling you different things.”

“It was basically like this is what you have got, take it or leave it.”

“I am scared to ask for any changes, because the social worker will reduce my care package and I will struggle.

Last updated: 28/03/2023