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Market Position Statement Definitions

Essex County Council use a number of different abbreviations and acronyms that may be included in the content of the Market Position Statement, definitions for these are outlined below: 

Abbreviation Definition
ACL Adult Community Learning
ADASS Association of Directors of Adult Social Services
ASC Adult Social Care
ASCOF Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework
AWD Adults With Disabilities
CDSS Community Dementia Support Service
CDST Community Dementia Support Team
CHC Continuing Health Care
CIC Community Interest Company
CIPFA Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy
CQC Care Quality Commission - Independent regulator of health and adult social care in England.
D2A Discharge to Assess
DP Direct Payment 
DPSS Direct Payment Support Service
ECA Essex Care Association
ECC Essex County Council
ECL Essex Cares Limited
EPUT Essex Partnership University Trust
iBCF Improved Better Care Fund
IRN Integrated Residential and Nursing Care Contract - A contract type for long term older people residential care
ISF Individual Service Fund
LA Local Authority
LAH Live at Home - A contract type for long term domiciliary care
LD Learning Disability
MH  Mental Health
MPS Market Position Statement
PA Personal Assistant
PI Physical Impairment
POLR Provider of Last Resort
PSI Physical and Sensory Impairments
RTH Recovery to Home beds
SPT Service Placement Team
TEC Technology Enabled Care
VCS Voluntary and Community Sector

Market Rating Definitions

Each market has been assessed on the following criteria by our heads of commissioning and procurement leads. 

  • Market Quality: The rating is defined by the total number of providers with the current their CQC rating across the specific market if applicable. Essex County Council aim to use Good or Outstanding providers.
  • Market Supply: This rating is defined by current demand with existing capacity within each market. 
  • Market Maturity: This rating is defined by the current market with the current market ambition.
  • Market Workforce: This rating is defined by our current understanding of demand, capacity and pressures indicated by providers within each market area. 
  • ECC Demand: This rating is defined by known demand through the Adult Social Care System linked to current provision. 
  • ECC Ambition: This is defined by designated Commissioning and Procurement Leads on the understanding on their market(s). 
Last updated: 30/09/2023