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Market Context

People with Mental Health needs have the ability recover and services should support recovery and not maintain the status quo.

Services need to be creative and innovative, and person centred in their solutions to meet a wide range of assessed needs and need to be able to motivate people.

Domiciliary services should be enabling and focusing wider than personal care and assist, enable and support people to learn new skills.

Staffing needs to be diverse and represent the needs of the client group.

For the most complex people services require specialist mental health training skills.

Market Rating


Market Quality Market Supply ECC Demand
Awaiting Assessment Awaiting Assessment Awaiting Assessment
ECC Ambition Market Workforce Market Maturity
Awaiting Assessment Awaiting Assessment Awaiting Assessment

ECC rating of the market, assessed on the (TBC)

The market currently focuses too much on maintenance of the status quo.

Packages are sourced primarily through the live at home contract and many are not specialist mental health providers.

There are some people who have complex needs who are supported by specialist mental health providers.

Essex Market   
No. Providers 200
Total No. Providers of Adults receiving Domiciliary Care 9,083
% providers CQC rated Good or Outstanding 81%
No. Providers entering the market since 1.April 2023 11
No. Providers exiting the market since 1.April 2023 9
Essex ASC Market (ECC Funded)   
No. Adults funded by ECC receiving Domiciliary Care 143
Commissioned Hours per week of domiciliary care funded by ECC  1,851.25
% ECC funded Domiciliary care placements CQC rated Good or Outstanding  86%
Framework Utilisation 46%
Essex ASC Market - Sourcing   
Average Framework Rate per hour £23.45
Average Spot Rate per hour £26.13
Contracted Placement per month 6
Spot Placements per month 2
% Admissions into Domiciliary Care CQC rated Good or Outstanding 84%
No. Adults on Unsourced Packages List on 1.April 2023 0
No. Hours on Unsourced Packages List on 1.April 2023 0

The information shown in the table(s) above is correct as of 30th September 2023.

Data in this section has been based on those Domiciliary Care Providers who according to CQC support adults with Mental Health.

Information in the above table for sourcing is based on activity between 1st April 2023 and 30th September 2023.


Services are able to keep people safe, but ECC still has too much traditional service provision. Generally, services struggle to motivate the person to take more control.

Staffing is not currently matched to the person and is not necessarily representative of the person’s needs.

Services need to be more creative and innovative.

Limited impact due to low volume overall but a handful of delayed starts particularly in areas which are more geographically remote

Current market risks:

  • Recruitment and retaining of staff with the right skills mix is challenging in the current market.
  • Matching of staff to adults can be difficult resulting in the provision of double handed care.

ECC are currently looking to review the current services and then plan an approach to secure more progressive services that will help and enable people to recover, working with predetermined support plans to avoid dependency.

Last updated: 30/09/2023