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PROSPER AWD is all about the prevention of falls, issues linked to diet and digestion such as constipation and ageing well with a learning disability, once you have analysed your data and decided upon the area you want to focus on for improvement, you should set a SMART aim. 

SMART Aim should be;  

Specific, so everyone knows what the aim is and what their responsibilities are in helping to achieve the aim.

Measurable, so you can see if you are being successful in achieving your aim, the PROSPER monthly mapping tool and using safety crosses in your home will help with measuring.

Achievable, although your target should be stretching, it should also be something that can be achieved; otherwise staff will not 'buy in' to it.

Realistic and Relevant, don't set yourself up to fail, and ensure your aim is relevant to your organisation and other stakeholders.

Time bound, so there is a definite time by which you are attempting to achieve your aim.

image showing the acronym for smart aims

By setting a SMART aim, everyone connected with your service can know what you are currently focussing on and play a part in trying to achieve it. If your aim is not SMART, people are less likely to engage.

Remember, even if you do not achieve your aim, you will still be gaining valuable information, which will aid future projects.

Good SMART Aim:

We will reduce the number of residents being treated for constipation by 40% by the end of August 2023

Not a good SMART Aim

We will try and reduce the number of residents being treated for constipation

We have created a poster for you to display in your home stating what current SMART aim you are working towards. 

Last updated: 30/08/2023