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Process for re-aligning core (shared) support hours

A new process has been introduced for re-aligning core (shared) support hours when an adult leaves a supported living scheme, but the remaining tenants still require a core support service.

Please find attached the spreadsheet which is referred to below:

SL Re-alignment SPT template

Interim process for realigning core hours

  • Provider to email the Specialist Accommodation Team to inform them of the void for so this can be looked at for potential on-boarding / LOF in a timely way - Specialist.Accommodation@essex.gov.uk
  • SPT complete adjustments for Shared Hours only if they are equally distributed, on Mosaic
  • SPT to notify relevant quadrant Service/Team Manager if hours are not equally distributed to request scheme review
  • SPT will send a revised Purchase Order to the provider highlighting Realignment of Shared Hours only

For any specific queries on this please contact Mark Armstrong, team manager SPT: Mark.armstrong@essex.gov.uk

Last updated: 21/10/2021