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Commissioning Team

The Children & Families, Domestic Abuse, Adults Early Help and Carers Direction and insight in improving children, adults, families and carers lives.

Commissioning plays a key role in delivering the strategic objectives and it is more important than ever that we organise and commission support that not only maintains and eboles the development and delivery of good quality effective services; but also ensure we are seizing new opportunities, commissioning responsibly, and getting the best financial and social value for public expenditure within a balanced budge which also brings new opportunities.

Our strategic commissioning approach relies on good quality relationships with internal and external partners across the system which in turn provides strong leadership and ambitions for our families and adults who are key stakeholders in all our commissioning decisions.

Strategic commissioning is the driver for the system change that will deliver better outcomes for children, adults, and young people, carers and families. We focus on outcomes as being the only measures that really matter and are not afraid to create and innovate co-designed solutions that make a difference by:

  • Working to children, young people, adults and parent/carers' strengths.
  • Focusing on preventing problems before they occur.
  • Building resilience of children, young people, adults, parents/carers and communities.
  • Working across the system aligning our resources so we can best support families and adults.
  • Basing all that we do on evidence of both what is needed and of what works.
  • Being clear and consistent about the outcomes we expect and judging what we do against them.

Our team:

Clare Burrell - Head of Strategic Commissioning and Policy - Clare.Burrell@essex.gov.uk

Tracey Curtis - Commissioning Manager - Tracey.Curtis@essex.gov.uk 

Nicorum Flaherty - Commissioning Manager - Nicorum.Flaherty@essex.gov.uk 

Team Inbox - CandFCommissioning@essex.gov.uk

Last updated: 02/02/2024