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International Recruitment for Social Care Services

International Recruitment East

The International Recruitment East website is an online hub of information, resources and support is for everyone in the East of England involved in the recruitment of international staff for adult social care.

This website is for anyone who:

  • Represents a local authority in the East of England
  • Manages or works for a care provider in the East of England 
  • Has been recruited from outside the UK and already works in an adult social care 
  • Is an adult social care professional and is considering relocating to the East of England from abroad

Sponsorship: guidance for employers and educators - Information for student and worker sponsors, including full policy guidance, using the sponsorship management system and how to get help.

Sponsor duties and compliance - Guidance for sponsors on sponsor duties and compliance. Including how decisions are made to suspend, downgrade or revoke a license

  • If any of the circumstances listed in Annex C1 arise, UKVI will either revoke your licence immediately or suspend your licence pending further investigation or consideration.
  • If any of the circumstances listed in Annex C2 or Annex C3 arise, UKVI will first consider downgrading your licence. However, UKVI may decide to suspend your licence without first downgrading it. This could be where there has been sustained non-compliance over a period of time, or where there have been a number of breaches which are minor in themselves but, taken together, indicate a more serious or systematic failing.

Record keeping duties for sponsors - Guide to the sponsorship documents that businesses and educational institutions must keep.

Health and Care Worker Visa information

International recruitment enables providers to find skilled and diverse workers. To help with recruiting internationally, please find links below to guidance available.


In early 2023 ECC commissioned BA Healthcare to deliver a series of sessions to provide you with information to help you consider recruiting from overseas. The recordings can be accessed below, along with copies of the slides. Remember to check the latest guidance before embarking on overseas recruitment as some of the information in these videos may be outdated. 

Webinar 1 - Introduction to Overseas Recruitment - (Download the slides)

Webinar 2 – The Recruitment Process - (Download the slides)

Webinar 3 – Costs, Timescales, Ethical Recruitment - (Download the slides)

Webinar 4 – On Boarding - (Download the slides)

Webinar 5 - Managing & Developing overseas workers - (Download the slides)

Last updated: 16/05/2024