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Adult Social Care Services Map

This map is for information purposes only. Before using the map please refer to the 'Important information about the map data' and 'How to use this map' sections below. 

ASC Services Map

Please read the below prior to using the map:

  • The map is intended to give an overview of the care services ECC provides in each district of the county.
  • It is high level information and therefore should not be used in isolation to inform decisions. 
  • By default the data is based on ECC 'active' care packages, those where we have a recorded start date and no end date for a care service. 

Go to page 2 of the report to see the map. The map and data may take a few moments to populate. You can then see use the map in several ways:

  • Hover your mouse cursor over a district to see data relating to that area. To see the district names you may have to move the cursor away from the report window.
  • Click the quadrant (Mid, South East, South West, North, West) to show information for each area
  • Use the drop down filters to show more specific information by client group
  • To compare districts or quadrant to whole county figures, simply click the district / quadrant and a comparison will be shown in the 2 tables to the left of the map.

For any questions in relation to the map please email: MarketPortal@essex.gov.uk 

Last updated: 01/02/2024