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Social Value Community Marketplace

Welcome to Essex County Council’s Community Marketplace.

We appreciate that some social value measures demand engagement with Essex based organisations in order to be delivered locally, such as ECC19: Local school and college visits e.g. delivering careers talks, curriculum support, literacy support, safety talks.

With this in mind, Essex County Council (ECC) has designed a ‘Community Marketplace’, an online resource to assist ECC suppliers and Essex based organisations.

If you are a school, college, community organisation, social enterprises and SMEs and would like to to engage with ECC suppliers to deliver social value locally together, this is your starting point.

Find here information setting out social value offers, respective units available from ECC suppliers that would be of benefit to Essex based organisations.

  1. Community engagement (VCSEs):
  • ECC8: No. of hours dedicated to supporting unemployed people into work by providing career mentoring, including mock interviews, CV advice, and careers guidance - Aged Over 24
  • ECC30: Number of voluntary hours donated to support VCSEs (excludes expert business advice)
  • ECC31: Promote digital awareness with priority groups (e.g. workshops)
  • ECC34: Support provided to help local community draw up their own Community Charter or Stakeholder Plan
  1. School/College engagement:
  • ECC16: No. of hours dedicated to support young people into work (e.g. CV advice, mock interviews, careers guidance) - (under 24 y.o.)
  • ECC17: No. of weeks spent on meaningful work placements or pre-employment course; 1-6 weeks student placements (unpaid)
  • ECC19: Local school and college visits e.g. delivering careers talks, curriculum support, literacy support, safety talks (No. hours, includes preparation time)

  3. Community and SME engagement:

  • ECC39: Provision of expert business advice to VCSEs and SMEs (e.g. financial advice / legal advice / HR advice/HSE)

  4. Engagement for Volunteering:

  • ECC25: Voluntary time dedicated to the creation or management of green infrastructure, to increase biodiversity, or to keep green spaces clean (No. hours, includes preparation time)
  • ECC33: No hours volunteering time provided to support local community projects

Access the Community Marketplace Report/ August 2022 – BETA version (PDF, 170KB) here. Check which social value offers you are interested on and write to . We are pleased to put you in contact with the respective ECC supplier.

NB: The Marketplace is an online resource to assist Essex County Council (ECC) suppliers and Essex based organisations such as schools, colleges, community organisations, social enterprises and SMEs to engage with each other and work together to deliver social value locally.  ECC will publish information setting out social value offers from ECC suppliers that would be of benefit to Essex based organisations.  The information made available via the Community Marketplace reflects ECC records at the time of publication and may change by the time you contact the relevant supplier.  Essex County Council accepts no liability for the accuracy of any information published or for any loss arising from your use of or reliance on the information published on the Marketplace. Suppliers remain responsible for delivery of their contracted social value commitments and therefore ECC accepts no liability should the opportunities published on the Marketplace not be available for delivery by suppliers.

Last updated: 14/10/2022