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Exploring the Social Value Themes

In this section, we take a deep dive into some of the Essex County Council Social Value Themes. Depending on the Theme and Outcome we provide here:

  • Guidance information including factsheets, research reports, white papers, and manuals.
  • Resources: tools for practical application including, where available, funding opportunities.
  • Examples: lessons learned from previous projects. These are illustrative examples only; you can use your own solutions.

Strong, inclusive and sustainable economic growth will improve not only the living standards of people in Essex but also their health and wellbeing, opportunities, and life chances. Securing economic prosperity is the best means of helping people help themselves; and an inclusive economy is one where the benefit of growth is shared by all.

This Theme comprises two Outcomes:

Essex residents in employment, skills gaps reduced and barriers to employment reduced for disadvantaged groups

This Outcome is about promoting sustainable employment as an employer, focused on the creation and support of local employment.  A complete set of resources is shared in the catalogue section Employment and Skills Development.

This Outcome is also about investing in your team skills, your business and contributing to increase the number of well qualified adults in Essex, supporting workers in Essex to access skilled jobs and fulfil their potential.

Business growth and the impact of public sector spend within the county maximised

This Outcome is about the impact of your business in the Essex communities through your supply chain, looking at your expenditure within local business and local SMEs. A complete set of Guidance and Resources resources is shared in the catalogue section Small Businesses, Social Enterprises and Voluntary Organisations


  • Employer Toolkit: A guide to Apprenticeships with ACL (PDF, 2,161KB). This step-by-step guide provides simplified information and guidance on all aspects of an apprenticeship journey you need to know as an employer. It has been designed by ACL Essex; an apprentice delivery partner available to help you delivering your apprenticeship programme. Find out more about ACL apprenticeship support to employers at their website.
  • If you have unspent levy funds, you can transfer them to SMEs and support upskilling Essex small business workforce. The Essex Apprenticeship Levy Transfer Service can help you, it is a free service for employers. For more information visit . See below some SMEs successful stories.


Case Studies

  • Abberton RuralTraining is an Essex-based training provider with a diverse workforce and positive staff wellbeing programme.
  • Matrix has been working closely with Essex County Council's Entry to Work team, to create skills and work experience opportunities.
  • Summit are an Essex based charity that supports vulnerable people to lead meaningful lives on their own terms, we are aware of the many challenges and obstacles people face when seeking appropriate employment.


This Theme comprises three Outcomes: 

Outcomes improved for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged groups

This Outcome is about initiatives to address inequality and to promote diversity and inclusion in Essex communities and tackling homelessness. 

Businesses and communities support the achievement of education outcomes

This Outcome is about initiatives to support and engage young people into their work life, bringing together employers and the school community. It is about preparing young people for employment, ensuring they are aware of opportunities, and creating pre-employment opportunities, meaningful work experiences, and apprenticeships.

Our partners to help make our communities safer and address key issues such as violence and vulnerability

This Outcome is about initiatives aimed at reducing crime in the organisation communities of operation and regions, such as support for local youth groups, lighting for public spaces, and private security.



Find a complete set of resources about in the catalogue section Employment and Skills Development.

Case Studies

  • ENS Recruitment Ltd: is an Essex-based organisation which provides mental health wellbeing training to staff including running a Mental Health Awareness training course.


Great places to live and work are created by the improvement of the quality of life for Essex residents, the commitment to wellbeing, health, and mental health, and to reduction of the environment impact and the carbon emissions.

This Theme comprises two Outcomes: 

Residents enabled to live independently and increased proportion of people able to live health lifestyles

This Outcome is also about initiatives to support and engage Essex residents in health and wellbeing interventions. It is also about work practices that improve staff wellbeing, recognise mental health  and reduce absenteeism due to ill health, including time dedicated for wellbeing learning and development. It also covers diversity training provided for contractors and subcontractors.

Partners and communities address the socio-economic drivers that underpin poor health outcomes, such as poor housing, poverty, economic insecurity and low skills

This Outcome is about working collaboratively with partners, suppliers and communities to build capacity and capability. It is about contributing to thriving communities and creating a positive legacy for our residents, including volunteering efforts to support VCSEs and community projects.



  • Laptop Recycling Scheme (PDF, 129KB): A scheme in which used and old laptops are recycled and donated to young people within Essex so they are able to utilise the technology.



  • Mental Health for Employers Toolkit: Business in the Community (BITC) has partnered with Public Health England to produce a toolkit to help every organisation support the mental health and wellbeing of its employees.
  • Volunteering with Civil Society: Government guidance for businesses seeking to help voluntary, community, and social enterprise organisations during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Case Studies

  • Provide Community: is a social enterprise which created the Hug in a Shrug project in which local residents support each other through simple acts of kindness.
  • NRG Riverside: is a contract hire company which has provided Essex Pedal Power with a van to transport free bikes to residents in the county’s most disadvantaged communities.
  • Access Dignity Care Forget Me Not: is an Essex-based Home Care provider which founded a free café and choir called Forget Me Not, which can be accessed by the local community to help support those living with or supporting those with dementia.



Care of the environment is an important consideration for any organisation. At Essex County Council, we value social value contributions that can help us to reduce negative environmental impacts including savings from renewable energy, carbon emission reduction programmes, green infrastructure to increase biodiversity, and reduction of single use plastics.

This theme has one over-arching Outcome:

Suppliers contribute to the delivery of net zero targets; reduced greenhouse gases; reduced waste; and strengthened climate resilience

This Outcome covers a range of initiatives to reduce CO2e emissions, reduce the use of plastics, adopt a Circular Economy, reduce waste and protect the environment.


  • The Essex Climate Action Commission has put together a Business Advice Pack that has been specifically developed to help small and medium-sized businesses across Essex access the most relevant information in relation to climate change and sustainability, with tips and ideas throughout to help your business to thrive whilst keeping its impact on the environment low. 
  • Laptop Recycling Scheme (PDF, 129KB): A scheme in which used and old laptops are recycled and donated to young people within Essex so they are able to utilise the technology. 
  • Library of Things: find out at how to support communities through this Circular Economy initiative.


  • Find here cases studies from small businesses who implemented environmental practices with assistance provided by the Steps To Environmental Management for businesses (STEM) initiative:

Case Studies

  • Birch Airfield Composting Services Ltdis an Essex-based Bio-Waste Treatment, Transfer and Transportation company which composts Christmas Trees for free on behalf of St Helena Hospice, generating donations for the charity. 

NB: this is not a comprehensive list of all Themes and Outcomes; they are provided as illustrative examples only. Please refer to the full set of ECC TOMs, and always read and follow the instructions in the tender document.

We are providing links to external resources to aid general knowledge development only and these links do not imply endorsement of particular products, services or organisations. When bidding for ECC contracts always read the tender documents provided and follow the instructions carefully.

If you have any questions about ECC social value approach or if you need information on this website in a different format, please email . We’d appreciate your feedback too, let us know how we can make this web page better.

Last updated: 22/05/2023