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Care Workforce Training Fund

What is the Care Workforce Training Fund?

This fund has been implemented to allow your care staff to be paid (at their hourly rate, up to a maximum of £15 per hour) to attend training courses organised by the Councils Provider Quality Innovation Team as published in their programme of training and subject to availability.

The Provider Quality Innovation Team will endeavour to schedule additional training courses, for your staff between 1 September 2023 – 31st March 2024 to accommodate potential additional demand. Please note this will be subject to availability of external resource.

Is my service eligible?

The Adult Social Care markets in scope for support under this scheme are:

  • residential care
  • domiciliary care
  • supported living 
  • extra care

The criteria for eligible providers is:

  • the service provider is CQC registered/regulated
  • you deliver a service within the Council's administrative area (i.e. this does not include Southend, Thurrock or the London Boroughs),
  • you deliver a service to an ECC Funded Adult (as of 1st July 2023) within the Councils administrative area, but your office base is out of county (for domiciliary care, extra care and supported living)
  • for residential care the care home must be within the Councils administrative area only

When does the scheme run?

From 1 April 2023 to 31 March 2024

What can I claim for?

The training costs associated with your carers attending training arranged by the Councils Provider Quality Innovation Team, between the period 1 April 2023 and 31 March 2024. If the course was held face-to-face then the Council will reimburse an additional 1 hours pay to cover a carers travel time to get to and from the venue. If the course was held virtually then this additional hour will not be payable.

How much can I claim?

You can claim the individual carers hourly rate up to a maximum of £15 per hour for the length of the training course. The additional 1 hour travel time (if applicable) will also be paid at this rate.

What evidence is required?

A copy of your payroll or pay slips which will clearly evidence that carers have been paid to attend a training course organised by the Provider Quality Innovation Team, and the 1 hour travel time (if appropriate).  

Attendees must be booked on in advance and make themselves known to the trainers on the day by signing in (if virtual they must give their name and organisation, they work for in the meeting chat function).

How do I access funding?

  1. Download a claim form here
  2. Submit the completed claims form with ALL supporting evidence to

Your claim will be acknowledged upon receipt along with a unique claim reference number.  Once the team have successfully processed the claim, you will be notified of the payment and budget balance. Payment should reach your account within 5 working days.

Only one claim will be accepted per supplier per month, which can include multiple staff members (up to a maximum of 30 staff) and courses.

For further support and guidance, please contact 


Frequently Asked Questions

My claim for a Staff Member was declined as having not attended a training session when they did, why is this?

The staff member must make themselves known to the trainer when they first arrive and ensure they are marked off as attending. If the session is virtual this should be done by adding their name and the name of your organisation in the chat function when they join the session. Failure to do this means we cannot verify their attendance.

Your staff member may have joined the session but left halfway through and did not complete the full course, in this case they will have been marked as not attending.

Your staff member may have been late to join the session, the trainer can decline admittance if virtual or turn the staff away if face to face when the session has already started, and the staff member has missed too much of the content to continue.

My Staff member tried to join a virtual training session but could not get admitted to the session.

Some trainers will not admit participants after a certain time once the session has started. This is often the case with shorter courses where the attendee would have missed too much content to continue. Attendees should log into the session 5 mins before the session start.

Can I claim for training organised by ESAB or other ECC departments?

No, the training fund is only for courses organised by the Provider Quality Innovation team as part of their published programme of training. There is a limited amount of funding available and therefore eligible courses has been restricted to the Provider Quality Innovation team’s training programme.

My staff tried to book onto a course but was told it was fully booked, does this mean we have missed out on the opportunity?

The Provider Quality Innovation team will endeavour to put on additional courses where there has been interest over and above the capacity of the course, this is dependent on trainer availability and resources to fulfil the course before the close of the claim fund period. A waiting list for each course is kept and those on the waiting list will be offered a place, subject to the course maximum capacity, should another course be organised.

I don’t currently have a contract with the Council for the services I provide, can I still claim for staff training costs?

Unfortunately, if you do not have a contract with the Council we will not be able to reimburse you for your staff training costs.

I have more than one care home/domiciliary care office in Essex can I submit one claim for all locations?

The fund will be monitored at a per home or domiciliary care office based on the CQC location id numbers, therefore you will need to submit a claim at a location level.

Why do I need to submit evidence to support my claim?

The Council is very keen to support providers to keep as many care staff working in the sector as possible. The aim of this fund is to ensure that the money reaches the carers who undertake their duties all year round. We need the evidence to show that carers have actually received either the retention bonus or have been paid for attending training courses organised by the Council’s Quality Innovation Team. Unfortunately, if a provider chooses not to send evidence or the evidence doesn’t clearly show that the care staff have been paid accordingly under this fund, we will not be able to reimburse the provider.

With the care workforce training fund it mentions that we can claim for the staff hourly rate for when they complete training but is there any limit to the amount of courses each carer attends? Also, would this include office staff who [sometimes] do care visits as well?

There is no limit to the number of courses a member of staff can attend and claim for but it is subject to availability, this applies to any staff member including office staff.

Last updated: 25/10/2023